The Program Biosciences and Biotechnology

Carlos Chagas Institute Graduation Program

The program started in 2010 and offers master and Ph.D. in the Molecular and Cellular Biology area. In only 7 years, we have more than 100 students, among those currently enrolled or already graduated.

The mission is to train human resources with a high academic and scientific capacity to work in the areas of teaching, research and production, with emphasis in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, our program prepares students to carry out cutting-edge research using state-of-the-art technologies.


Covers basic research and product development aimed to improve human health, using molecular biology and cell biology tools, in the following areas of research:

A) Biochemical, molecular, genetic or structural characterization of infectious agents and their hosts;
B) Regulation of the gene expression of microorganisms and parasites;
C) Molecular characterization of stem cells;


Addresses product development and scaled up production focused on improving human health in the following areas of research:

A) Vaccine biotechnology and diagnostic tests;
B) Genomics, proteomics and metabolome of organisms;
C) Bioinformatics.

Bruno Romagnoli Tatiana Brasil Fabiano Figueiredo Patricia Shigunov
Ana Luiza P. Mosimann Rafael Almeida Fabio Passetti